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Ravenheart Music (9/10)

Holland throw another beast at us and it would be a sin to ignore this lot! They are Seventh Sin and this is another band that cannot and must not be ignored - they could well be the next big thing to emerge from The Netherlands and you read it here first. Fronted by Monique Joosten with occasional grunts by Roy Geelen, this release deserves to be massive. And furthermore they are looking for a label. With powerful lyrics, Symphonic tunes and a beautiful voice, this is right up my alleyway and there is very little I can fault here. Just listen to the opening salvo of 'Hysteria' and the melodic thumper 'Alone Again' and you will be hooked, guaranteed. The remainder of the album continues in a similar vein, so if the opening duo does not have you hooked, just listen to the catchy 'Wings Of Despair', the power Symphonic balladry of 'The Well', the Power Metal feel of 'The Choice', the Edenbridge sounding 'Silent Tears' or the Within Temptation'ish balladry of 'Just An Ordinary Day' and I am sure you will feel there is something special on show here. Having shared the stage with (among others) Epica, Delain, Leaves Eyes, Asrai, Kamelot, Revamp and Stream of Passion, this has given the band a comfortable headstart to what should be on this showing predictable success. A tour in February on UK soil with Edenbridge is one of the things in the near future to look forward to. Their website is here and this is well recommended by the Ravenheart team,- so if you like Within Temptation, Delain, Edenbridge amongst many others, then go for it, you know you should... 9/10 (Dave)

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