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The Midlands Rocks

The sound had gone slightly awry during Sage’s Recital, but it was cleared up by the time Holland’s Seventh Sin took the stage. This was several steps up in terms of presentation and performance from the previous sets in the evening. The band had a decent backdrop as well as banners at the side of the stage letting everyone know who they were, and best of all, this was a band who had clearly taken the trouble to assemble a decent set of songs.

Musically the band can fit firmly the mainstream of female fronted symphonic metal, but in Monique Joosten they have a capable singer with an engaging stage personality and a well-drilled band that played really well. There was a slightly strange moment when Edenbridge bassist Wolfgang Rothbauer bounded on stage to contribute a few seconds death grunts, before Seventh Sin guitarist Roy Geelen took over again. All in all, this was a really enjoyable set from a very promising band and judging by the size of the queue that quickly formed at the merchandise desk when the band came off stage, they made quite a few new fans tonight.

Review by Paul Quinton, photos by Rob Stanley

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