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Black Phoenix Rising (5/5)

Seventh Sin are a 6 piece Female Fronted Metal band hailing from Weert in Holland and 'When Reality Ends' is the bands debut album that will be released on the 22nd February 2014. The album features 11 tracks of the bands own compositions that encapsulates their take on the Female Fronted Metal genre.
The album opens with Hysteria, a fast paced track with thundering drums, huge guitar riffs and driving bass lines in which powerful female vocals rise effortlessly above the music through the vocal verses and catchy chorus sections whilst the song is given a melodic edge with the inclusion of heavy synths which duel with the guitars to stunning effect in this full on Female Fronted Metal treat. A mid paced intro into Alone Again gives way to a slower, guitar driven, female vocal verse before male growls take over the vocal duties in the next verse with both combining to good effect in the songs, drum heavy, chorus. Again the addition of the synths give the track a melodic/symphonic edge. Next up is Wings Of Despair a mid paced track in which controlled risng female vocals take centre stage, especially in the songs anthemic chorus, backed up by hard hitting driving percussion, guitars and heavy synths. The pace slows with the track The Well a power ballad that allows the vocal talents of front woman Monique Joosten-Op Heij to really shine through, this lady certainly has got a good set of pipes. The song gradually builds from it's light piano/drum intro as the guitars and synths cut in to add the heaviness and Monique's vocals rise majestically to match through the beautiful chorus section before falling away again in the tracks lighter outro. The sounds of exploding bombs, and rapid gunfire lead us into Bitter Taste Of Victory a mid paced track with power chords galore as the guitars duel with the synths backed up by driving percussion in this melodic/heavy song in which angelic female vocals are to the fore again especially in the catchy chorus section.

One of my favourite tracks on the album is The Choice which opens with a blazing, fast paced guitar riff/drum intro which gives way to a slower bass/drum driven vocal verse which see's Monique adopting a more Rock/Metal vocal style before the guitars and synths cut in to pick up the the pace into the songs epic chorus. Double kick drums announce the inclusion of male growls and choral voices which give the track a dramatic edge as it weaves it's way through through a series of heavier/lighter musical sections.Silent Tears opens with a piano intro which backs the angelic female vocals before the track builds with riffing guitars into an uptempo chorus section thus giving the track a heavier feel whilst the synths add a catchy melody to the song. Like A Blazing Flame is another mid paced track with controlled rising female vocals backed by heavy guitars, pin point accurate drumming, driving bass lines and melodic synths, a catchy song with some quality guitar work which builds to it's pounding double kick drum conclusion. There's no build up with the next track My Honor straight in come the rising female vocals, with heavy musical backing, which give way to male growls in the next vocal verse, driven on by pounding percussion, before both Female/Male vocals combine to great effect in the songs towering chorus. The albums second ballad Just An ordinary Day follows, a slow paced song with the stunning vocals of Monique rising above the piano/orchestral backing with ease proving once again what a vocal talent she possesses. Bringing the album to a close is The Screams with it's dramatic guitar riff/choral voice intro which lightens into the first vocal verse before the heaviness picks up again as Male growls combine with heavenly Female vocals before leading into the songs faster paced chorus sections. Pounding drums, heavy guitars, melodic synths and driving bass lines power the track along in a series of faster/slower sections before dueling guitars and double kick drums bring the track and the album to it's epic conclusion.

Seventh Sin have certainly come up with a winner with their debut album 'Where Reality Ends' with 11 well written and composed slabs of top quality melodic Female Fronted Metal which are well mixed and produced which ensures the sound is crystal clear and there's a perfect balance between the music and the vocals. If you are a fan of the Female Fronted Metal genre then this album is a must for your collection .... 5/5

SeventhSon @ Black Phoenix Rising

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