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Black Phoenix Rising

I gave the merch table of Seventh Sin a look over as I came in the door, they had a really cool design on their T-shirts, so I was praying I would like them, so as I could buy one with pride. I hadn`t realized the first band were some other band, So when the guitarist had a 7th Sin T-shirt on, I had to ask Leighton which band were actually 7th Sin.

Confusion over, it soon became clear, that this was a seriously good sound, the band were comfortable on stage ( a very small stage at that) and they were all smiling at laughing at each other during the performance. Great to see, it gives you a warm glow in the heart to see a band enjoy what they do. The rhythms and vocals were just superb, and it showed in the crowds reaction, after every song the small crowd roared their approval, Monique came across well with her words between songs, and they seemed to sell a whole heap of T-shirts and CDs, not just to me either :mrgreen: everything seemed to go very well for them. They spoke with any one who wanted to, signed loads of CDs and took some pictures, they have made an application to MFVF, and I seriously hope they get the call to perform at this years festival.

They employ a strong keyboard sound that suites the style they are playing, and adds to the commercial punch the music provided. vocally, Monique didn`t ever over reach herself, and coped easily with her role, but she also wasn`t one of those who stayed in her comfort zone, and just hung out the set in a mono vocal, it was just perfect. Guitarists had a few technical problems, but didn`t really make a lot of difference to us, and I do believe, one of the guitars was a 7 string, I wish them luck with the rest of their UK tour, and would love to see them again either here or at MFVF. Good luck guys. :wink:

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