Seventh Sin

Posted on 30-06-2015

After 12 years Seventh Sin have decided to call it a day. The band will split up after doing another 4 shows in The Netherlands and Belgium in July and September. After that, all band members will go their own way.

We feel sad about splitting up, but we are looking back on great times and awesome memories, things we will be talking to our grandchildren about. About having the nerve to talk to a promotor about wanting to get on stage and ending up with a support show for Kamelot, about sharing stage with awesome bands like Epica, Delain, Leave's Eyes, Revamp, Xandria and Stream of Passion, about touring the UK with Edenbridge, about meeting people, making new friends, sharing a passion, enjoying every single minute of a gig….. Etc.

We want to thank all fans, promotors, DJ's, reviewers, editors of magazines, sound and light crews, all bands we had the privilege to share the stage with, all stagehands and everyone else who made it possible for us to live our dream. We will be thankful forever.

Please know that we are saying goodbye with pain in our hearts and we will not leave you without a proper farewell show. We will keep you posted on everything that is to come.

Upcoming gigs:

  • July 18 th - Babes of Metal - Jan Hertog - Eisden - Maasmechelen (B) with Nightqueen and Valkyre
  • July 25th – Chopperclub Run – Maaseik (B) (Private gig)
  • September 5th – Uitmarkt – Tuchthuis – Eindhoven (NL)
  • T.B.A. - Seventh Sin farewell show – NL

Upcoming gigs

Currently there are no scheduled gigs.