Important announcement part 2

Posted on 03-10-2014

Statement from Bart

Dear Seventh Sin fans,

Due to personal circumstances the time has come for me to leave Seventh Sin. This saddens me, partially because I'm one of the founding members. After many years of hard work we finally arrived at the point every one dreams of.
Your own cd "When Reality Ends". Touring, parties, creating the music you like and meeting new people. I've had a taste of it, and I must say, it tastes good. I will remain active in / with music, although it's not yet sure in what form.
One thing I do know is that I'm going to miss you all and I would like to that each and everyone of you for your support. On the first place Seventh Sin; thank you all for the great times we've had and not to forget: the fans. Thank you for the mails, reviews, pictures and everything else you've done for us.

Thanks and \m/



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