Important announcement part 1

Posted on 03-10-2014

Statement from Wiro

Dear all,

How should you start writing a letter you never wanted to write. I think the best way is by starting writing down what it’s actually about:

Several weeks ago I made the difficult decision of leaving Seventh Sin. I informed my fellow band members about my decision and explained them on what grounds I made this decision. We took some time to over think what impact it will have for the band. Now it’s time to share this sad news with you all.

I hope I don’t have to explain how hard is was for me to make this decision. Finally one of my largest dreams is getting reality and now it seems, after several years of hard work, my dream does not fit in my life anymore. Since the start of Seventh Sin I worked hard to make music and to get ready for stage. After several misfortunes we managed to keep our heads together and still we stand. And now Seventh Sin is rising!

When I started with the band I was a student. Later I found myself a lovely girlfriend and we rented a house together. I had some ‘first’ jobs which were not that important to me. An ideal situation to give lots of energy and time to the band. Now my life is different. I’m married with my girlfriend, we bought a house which needs lots of work, our first kid celebrates his second birthday soon, my job is excellent with several career opportunities and finally: my second child is on its way!

Obviously I cannot give Seventh Sin my unconditional devotion I feel I have to give. I’m now slowing down the band. Something I cannot allow myself to do. Now I only hope Seventh Sin will find a good and pleasant successor who kicks ass with the band. I wish my fellow band members, which became all good friends of mine, all the best.

I want to thank you all for all the great feedback on our music and our shows. I’m glad I could taste a little bit of the real band-life during our gigs and especially during our UK tour. These memories will forever be in my mind.

Thank you, thank you, thank you all!

Best wishes,



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