Your pictures in our lyrics video!

Posted on 13-06-2014

Hello everyone,
We are making a lyrics video for our song 'Wings of despair' and we thought it'd be nice to involve you all into this process!

If you have any pictures of you with Seventh Sin or you with something of Seventh Sin, post them on our wall on Facebook quoting 'Wings of despair'.

If you have any videos or other media that relates to 'Wings of despair' and/or Seventh Sin, don't hesitate and send them to us! please use any file transfer website - like Wetransfer - and send them to

Let us know if we can mention your name in the video.

On the 20th of june all your entries will be collected and we will start the making of the video. When finished, the video (with your pictures in it) will be published on YouTube.


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