With powerful lyrics, symphonic tunes and a beautiful voice, Seventh Sin (NL/BE) has shown, both on and off stage, that they belong in the top region of the female fronted metal scene. Influenced by many different bands from many different genres, yet still their own style.

Sharing the stage with (among others) Epica, Delain, Xandria, Leaves Eyes, Asrai, Kamelot, Revamp and Stream of Passion gave the band a comfortable headstart. The band did a UK tour with Edenbridge in February and plans are being made right nwo to go back in 2015. The Quinphonic Festival in Birmingham is one of those things that already have been confirmed.

Seventh Sin has self-released their first full length album ‘When Reality Ends’ in 2014. The band is showing courage and confidence in the future, and they were right. Since their UK tour several bookers, labels and promotors are showing their interest in the band. Now that the new album 'When Reality Ends" is released, they are ready to dazzle the crowd in any country.

Seventh Sin consists of :
Monique Joosten – Vocals
Roy Geelen - Guitar en Grunts
Vincent Reuling – Synthesizer
Jaap Didden – Bass
Tjeu Theunissen – Drums
Ruben Smeets - Lead Guitar

Upcoming gigs

Currently there are no scheduled gigs.